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Giant Industrial Inflatables Technological advancements in inflatable technology have redefined the way in which industry professionals are performing abrasive blasting operations.

Technological advancements in inflatable technology have redefined the way in which industry professionals are performing abrasive blasting operations.

Technological advancements in inflatable technology have redefined the way in which industry professionals are performing abrasive blasting operations.

Whether you’re sand blasting, soda blasting, garnet blasting, ice blasting, or blasting with another abrasive media, you should ask yourself the following question:

Can I get the job done more effectively and save time, money and resources in the process?

The answer may well be yes, and here’s why: With traditional blast booths and chambers your abrasive blasting operation needs to take place back at your home base where expensive blast booth space may lay idle while rent is being paid. In most instances that valuable space could well be better utilized to undertake operations that increase return to your bottom line. But what if your blast booth could disappear when not in use?

A great example is how Queensland Air Services saved heaps by utilizing their hanger space wisely. Inside their expensive hanger workshop multiple operations need to take place, including grit blasting, painting and Non Destructive Testing. All these would conventionally need a separate and space utilizing booth. They have chosen wisely and now use temporary inflatable booths for their abrasive blasting, painting and NDT operations, saving space and cutting expensive costs.

Problem 1: Inability to conduct operations at your client’s premises.

Traditional blast chambers are ridged space occupying fixtures This is a consequence of the antiquated infrastructure required to establish a safe and containing blasting environment. This costs industry professionals a great deal of effort, time and money in having to repeatedly move the blast subject to the blast chamber often over long distances.

Now at last, new inflatable technologies allows for blast chambers of all sizes to be completely portable. It’s as simple as connecting a power source to blow up the inflatable. Within minutes, a fully functional blasting environment can be set up anywhere and operate in any weather conditions. This repositions the assumption that the blast subject needs to be relocated to the blast chamber. Instead, take the blast chamber to the blast subject and save valuable resources and reduce costs in the process. Wherever the job is, whatever needs to be blasted, the appropriate shelter and blasting equipment can be easily moved to the right location.

Problem 2: Waste Vs Sustainability.

Conventionally the requirement to create a blasting and containment environment when on site utilizes scaffolding to create that structure. Conventionally wasteful and environmentally harmful plastics are commonly used to enclose and secure the space. These plastics are single-use and represent an ongoing liability to the environment, client and operator for every single future blasting job.

Utilizing a compact and cost effective Inflatable Blast Chamber is a completely sustainable undertaking. There is no environmental liability, and no working at height dangers. The operator sets up and reuse the same inflatable asset every job as it comes, knowing there is no procurement cost or environmental hazard for single-use wasteful materials.

Problem 3: Cost.

With easy setup, easy transport and their capacity to be reused for repeated jobs, inflatable blast booths are not just superior for their convenience, but they are also incredibly cost effective. The return on your invest can be realized in just  3 - 4 jobs. Client the likes of Siemens and Origin energy can attest to the meaningful saving that they have made and the very quick asset repayment.

So, if you are looking to purchase a blast booth or you are setting up a blast environment, take a moment to consider inflatable technology and how it might save you time, money and resources. It may be the new simple solution to your blasting needs.

Contact our very experienced design team today for a free consultation and be surprised to see how inflatable technology can revolutionize your business, drive up profits and protect our valuable resources.

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