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Giant Industrial Inflatables Rapid deployment fall arrest soft landing systems that save lives

Rapid deployment fall arrest soft landing systems that save lives

Working at height has inherent dangers. Tethering and railing fall protection is not always practical when freedom of movement is necessary.

The inflatable Air Cushion and Air Deck fall arrest protection systems remove the risk to body and limb with simple, reliable, and easy to deploy products. Inflatable fall arrest soft landing systems offer convenience, and adaptability to protecting your workforce and crew from falling from elevated platforms or into open cavities manholes or storage tanks.

Giant Inflatables Industrial have spent 24 years working across a wide array of industries designing, producing, and purveying personnel fall protection systems because in every industry falls from height are a constant and ever-present risk. Such risks are very prevalent everyday occurrences, from offloading trucks, servicing aircraft and large machinery as well as construction operations and fluid storage facilities.


In today’s risk averse world, safety at work is a primary factor driving industry to a high level of awareness for taking every precaution to ensure worker safety.

Fall protection is an area of risk that was previously fraught with difficulties and inconvenience. That is no longer an excuse. Inflatable fall arrest and fall cushioning systems are now made to suit any instance in an affordable, reliable, and easy to operate manner.

The many standard and custom designed products Giant Inflatables Industrial can offer are flexible and portable systems offering proven cost-effective solutions. These solutions replace or complement conventional safety systems and are used extensively throughout Construction, Vehicle Unloading and Maintenance and Aviation both Military and Civil applications, among others.


The Inflatable systems we offer are all covered by or TTT guarantee.

They are based on Inflatable technologies that are, Tried, Tested and Trusted. Through our constant use of multiple cutting edge inflatable technologies, across many product types our engineering and design team have experience to combine and synthesize these many technologies and merge their advantage. The outcome are superior products that meet the critical demands of protection of life and limb for personnel at work in dangerous environments.


Soft Landing Fall arrest technology types.

Extreme Height Catch Cushions

Our products can offer soft landing protection from falls as high as 18m.

These Extreme Height Catch Cushions are utilized by Fire Services and the stunt industry.

The Air Deck by Sayfa products are building blocks for protection from heights of 3.25m which can cover larger areas in a modular clip together assembly of independently inflated modules and comply with British Research Establishment (BRE) BSI PAS59 standards.

Hybrid Specialty Systems

Industries we work with.

Military and Civil Aviation – AirDeck systems are in use with many companies that service and support Military aircraft including rotary wing aircraft and tanks.