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Giant Industrial Inflatables Duct, Vent and Pipe Maintenance Solutions - Safety, Maintenance and Isolation Plugs

Duct, Vent and Pipe Maintenance Solutions - Safety, Maintenance and Isolation Plugs

Do you need to seal, isolate or plug a duct or vent in order to perform repairs or routine service and maintenance

Replace the conventional with the extraordinary……saving time, labour and money.  A cost-effective solution which is safe, fast, 100% effective and aids productivity.

Giant Inflatables Industrial has revolutionised traditional industrial solutions for 20 years. If you are looking for a solution for duct, vent and pipe maintenance we supply an infinite range of made to order, custom made inflatable pipe and duct isolation plugs, inflatable flow stoppers, bungs, duct and vent balloons. 

Our patented PlugUp® isolation plug technology has been specifically designed to close off pipes and ducts to isolate and keep them free of moisture and contaminants.  Designed for ease of use, only requiring an inflation fan.  They are simple and safe to operate and are supplied with concise and simple, image rich instructions.

To date there has never been an inflatable plug design that is cheap enough to be used solely for isolating a pipe, duct, or void. With the PlugUp® range of inflatable isolation plugs, we now cover the whole range of plugging, isolation and pressure testing requirements.

PlugUp® has 100’s of uses - sealing, isolating, stopping, plugging and restricting low pressure flow, in plugs, ducts, tunnels and voids of all shapes and sizes.

PlugUp® Isolation plug has many other uses:


  • As a safety barrier to prevent the possibility of contaminated or toxic gas affecting downstream maintenance operation.
  • As a safety cushion to prevent falling debris during downstream maintenance operations injuring workers below or damaging plant, machinery or equipment.
  • As a non-intrusive lifting node in a duct or vent where fixings cannot be applied to the walling and weight needs to be supported from overhead
  • As an inflatable flotation device for lifting or supporting water borne products
  • Made to size and available in almost any diameter, our PlugUp® Isolation Plugs are the perfect solution for your industrial needs.



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Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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