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Giant Industrial Inflatables Care a little more about our environment– the EPA would agree.

Care a little more about our environment– the EPA would agree.

Plugging the stormwater drains on your premises to protect the environment?

protect the environment

Our environment is under threat from negligent and uneducated industry polluting our creeks, rivers, and waterways.

The first line of defense is being in controll of yor drainage!

Negligent, uncaring and underprepared industry operators constantly turns a blind eye to chemical spills and contaminating runoffs from our factories and storage spaces into our stormwater systems. There the damage begins with the contaminated runoffs that cause havoc to our creeks, rivers, and waterways.

controll of yor drainage

Take the initiative and be responsible for our environment?

If you produce, use, or store any liquid substances in an industrial setting then you and your entire team must remain aware and consider the associated pollution risks of an accidental chemical spill and act to reduce those risks.

Industrial fire can also pose a serious environmental risk is not controlled.

a serious environmental risk

Councils requires industrial landowners and business operators to protect water quality, by preventing pollution from stormwater before it reaches the stormwater drains, rivers or creeks.

Typical possible polluting events

  • Small Spills that can be wiped up with a rag
  • Medium – sized Spills that are too large to wipe up with a rag and require other easy to deploy absorbing and containment methods.
  • Large spills that need to be contained and cleaned up or controlled to prevent runoff into the Storm Water Systems
  • Firewater from industrial fires that require heavy duty infrastructure to controll and divert the runoff.

Types of Spill Containment products and runoff protection.

Inflatable junction pit plug

  • Inflatable pipe plugs
  • Spill kits
  • Weighted containment Booms and bunds
  • Weighted Drain covers
  • Inflatable Drain blockers
  • Inflatable storm water junction pit plugs

The storage and handling of any liquid can lead to spills or leaks and the subsequent pollution of water and land. Some of the negative effects of this kind of pollution include (but are not limited to):

  • Damage to ecosystems and a loss of plant and animal life
  • Spread of disease-causing bacteria
  • Impacts to amenity because of odor or toxic vapors in the atmosphere
  • The addition of some chemicals (nutrients) to waterbodies can lead to eutrophication (excessive growth of aquatic plant species and algae) which reduces the amount of oxygen that is dissolved in water negatively impacting other organisms
  • Legal proceedings, criminal convictions, heavy fines and legal fees
  • Lost work time, cleanup costs, and damage to your business reputation
  • Reduction of your operating efficiency

So the inevitable question is…. “how do we successfully reduce and control these risks?”

Here are simple and effective methods that will offer effective protection to our environment, personnel and businesses.

  • Training and Education for employees and stake holders
  • Spill prevention
  • Spill controll
  • Spill cleanup

Training and Education

  1. Emphasize the importance of keeping pollutants out of the storm drain, because the drains flow directly to streams and the rivers, dams and sea.

        Produce a set of Standard operating procedures [ SOP’s]

  • Include clear identification of stormwater egress points like drains, water channels.
  • Identify typical polluting events.
  • Clearly Identify and mark the placement of controll devises and systems.
  • Clearly identify the 4 typical spill types.
  • Develop clearly described emergency procedures.

Spill prevention.

  • Ensure proper storage of liquid containers.
  • Invest in proper handling equipment for drums, containers, and cans.
  • Train staff on the effective use of specialized handling equipment.

Spill controll.

  • Invest in spill controll equipment. This wil include: -, Drain blocking devices, Spill kits & Hazmat bins

Isolation of runoff systems which include: -

  • Weighted containment Booms
  • Inflatable Drain blocking plugs
  • Weighted drain covers

The most important aspect of protection is therefore Isolation Systems that prevent large chemical spills and hazardous substances from entering the stormwater systems. The most effective system is the blocking of stormwater junction pits.

For this to be truly effective the stormwater drain needs to be blocked efficiently. The most reliable method of achieving total blocking of the pipes that flow into the Storm Ware system is the use of an inflatable plug that close of the outflow pipe in the event of a large spill that simple containment will not adress.

These products are permanently placed in the drain pit ready for deployment in the event of a hazardous fluid spill.

They are set against the wall of a stormwater drain in a protective sleeve and inflated in the event of an emergency.

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