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How to eliminate and the risk associated with the blasting process

The first step in mitigating risk, is to be able to identify it. This involves finding things and situations which could potentially cause harm to people. Hazards generally arise from the following aspects of work and their interaction.

28/06/2022 Read More

The Different Types of Inflatable Pipe Plugs

Inflatable pipe plugs are inflatable industrial devises that are inserted into pipes then inflated to stop or control a flow of fluid or gas in a pipe. It is also used to isolate a pipe or duct from the environment and contamination.

23/06/2022 Read More

Rapid deployment fall arrest soft landing systems that save lives

Fall arrest systems for Military and Civil Aviation, Construction, Transport, Trucking and rail industry. For Fall arrest system specifications and our range of design services please feel free to call or email us.

29/04/2021 Read More

Care a little more about our environment– the EPA would agree.

Inflatable pipe plugs to block a storm water drain from a chemical spill or firewater contamination in the event of an accident or warehouse fire.

19/03/2021 Read More

Thinking Outside the Bag - A Case Study

A cutting-edge idea for an inflatable bladder to prevent dirt ingress and save a huge manual handling operation.

27/10/2019 Read More

Emergency response shelters have been revolutionised by inflatable technology

Whatever the emergency - fire, storm, flood emergency response inflatable shelter is a solution to any emergency situations. For cost effective inflatable solution contact our team today!

18/06/2019 Read More

Technological advancements in inflatable technology have redefined the way in wh...

Technological advancements in inflatable technology have redefined the way in which industry professionals are performing abrasive blasting operations.

20/05/2019 Read More

Inflatable Products Create Innovative Solutions for Common Problems

Industrial products are replacing heavy, costly and outdated products with new, inexpensive, light, effective and efficient inflatable Industrial products. Contact Giant Inflatable Industrial team today!

29/04/2019 Read More

Siemens Inflatable Blasting Shelter - Case Study

With safety, cost, and time saving at the heart of Giant Inflatables Blasting Shelter that creates an enclosed environment in a matter of hours, saving days of time and thousands of dollars.

23/04/2019 Read More

Cubic Defense inflatable shelter - Case Study

Giant Inflatable Industrial Shelters for any Industry are a cost effective, innovative method to provide a return on any job.

23/04/2019 Read More

Inflatable Pipe Plugs prevent Chicago City Flood in underground train tunnels.

Technology in the inflatable arena has stepped up to the plate to provide an innovative and immediate solution to a potentially very serious threat of flooding to Melbourne's underground section of its train system.

15/04/2019 Read More

Safe Work Australia Code of Practice on Abrasive Blasting (May 2018) recommends ...

When complying with the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice on Abrasive Blasting (May 2018) With 20 years' experience supplying one man blasting companies to the biggest service and maintenance OEM suppliers worldwide like Siemens and Origin Energy, Giant Inflatables Industrial is the No.1 supplier of inflatable temporary shelters.

22/03/2019 Read More

Duct, Vent and Pipe Maintenance Solutions - Safety, Maintenance and Isolation Pl...

When you need to repair or service a duct, vent or pipe, Giant Inflatables Industrial has a cost effective solution that is safe and easy to instal.

07/03/2019 Read More

Overview of Inflatable Shelters, Booths, Warehouses and other Temporary Pop-Up S...

Giant Inflatable Industrial Shelters for any Industry are a cost effective, innovative method to provide a return on any job.

28/02/2019 Read More

Big shelter means big savings for power plants

Inflatables Blasting Shelter from Giant Inflatable Industrial to cater your abrasive blasting process or any other blasting media requirement.

14/08/2019 Read More

Origin Energy big shutdown required a big inflatable

Origin Energy and its crew was faced with complex tasks requiring large equipment to be moved and needing even large spaces for maintenance when its Darling Downs power station shut down for maintenance

19/10/2019 Read More

Rapidly deployable site offices for on the move industries

Rapidly deployable portable site office and workshops to create temporary work stations at ease. Contact Giant Inflatable Industrial to know more about inflatable workshop.

13/10/2019 Read More

Cleaning up the soda blasting industry one inflatable at a time

Giant Inflatables Industrial has created a world leading and innovative inflatable solution for issues in one of Australia biggest industries, sand and soda blasting.

10/10/2019 Read More


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