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Giant Industrial Inflatables Air Supported Shelters

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An air-supported structure is a lower cost alternative to a traditional building. 

An air-supported structure, commonly referred to as bubble or dome building is the most versatile and cost effective building system available and are ideally suited to covering large, clear span space.

An air-supported structure uses slightly higher air pressure inside the dome that supports the entire structure – fresh air constantly cycles into the structure to maintain this slightly higher internal pressure. In order to maintain internal air pressure, our designs incorporate specially designed airlocks to allow for easy access into the dome. Dome access points include revolving doors, pedestrian airlocks for barrier free access, and vehicle airlocks where required.

The unique properties of air-supported structure design make domes ideal for facilities that require large, open, clear span interior space. There is therefore no need for internal supporting beams or columns. Procurement and operating costs are considerably lower than traditional construction of similar size due to simplicity of the design.

They are aptly suited to be used for:-

- Long term and insulted Temporary workshops like inflatable hangers, assembly spaces and cold    rooms

-  Semi permanent warehousing and storage

- Encapsulation for ground rehabilitation and decontamination

- Construction site protection. 

- Large equipment storage 

- Product stockpiling.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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