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Giant Industrial Inflatables TVSP Heat Treatment Room

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Portable heat treatment shelters for the viticulture industry


TVS is a viticulture services company which adopts innovative harvesting technology and provides vineyard management services creating efficiencies and economic benefits for vineyards in the region. 

To move the harvesting equipment between different vineyards they must decontaminate the harvester.  Before they had this idea, they were required to transport the harvester back to their premises to be decontaminated by heat sterilization before the harvester could perform operationally again.  The sterilization process prevents the cross contamination of diseases and insects by the harvester between the vineyards.  

The Challenge

To design and build a mobile and cost effective on site heat treatment room for the harvesting machines and other equipment.

The entire harvester is required to be heated to 46?C for at least 6 hours. Conventionally TVS had to return their vehicle back to their workshop to treat it in a heat controlled shed. The transportation costs of moving the harvester back to base and then on to another vineyard is very high. This constant unproductive movement contributes to down times for the harvester when it should be working and contributing to the earnings of the company.

TVS searched for portable and easy to deploy heat treating workshop. They thought that the shelters created by Giant Inflatable Industrial could be tailored to their needs. 

The brief was for a portable and quick and simple to deploy “Heat treatment Shelter” to sanitise the equipment.  Due to the size of the Harvester, the sterilization shelter was required to be 5m W x 8m L x 5m H.  

The sterilization room had to maintain the heat overnight for at least 6 hours to ensure the sterilization process.  Temperatures at night declined dramatically as the region is a cold grape growing region. A fluctuation or drop in temperature can compromise the sterilization.

The Solution

By our collaborative design process with the TVS team, our Design & Engineering Team envisioned and created an industrial grade, insulated, fully sealed and encapsulated Sterilization Shelter which was easy to set up, pack up, heat to a required temperature and maintain the temperature for an extended period. Insulated, heat resistant ducts were designed to cater for jet heaters and further heating systems.

The entire shelter was encapsulated to prevent heat escaping through the floor and door and prevent drafts coming in through any openings.

Our Design & Engineering team built in an allowance for retrofitted optional extras like aerogel insulating blankets and double walled aircell insulating construction. However, after testing these extras were not required as the original design was so efficient.

Due to the massive size of the harvesters a further design subtlety was created, allowing the access door to be lifted completely out of the way for maximum clearance for the harvesting machine.  Due to the height of the sterilization shelter this had to be operated by a pulley system which was easily overcome with a simple rope design.


After their initial procurement investment, they achieved a return on that investment in under 2 years. They realized startling operational efficiencies and managed to avoid ongoing transporting costs and down times. Ultimately they obtained a product which outperformed their existing heat sterilization room in terms of constant temperature maintenance and heating costs. The huge benefit of portability and easy setup, pack down and storage led to exciting unforeseen efficiencies that contributed to bottom line profitability.  All requirements were met, and the product outperformed their existing methodology in costs, time and performance.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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