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Giant Industrial Inflatables QLD Air Rescue Blasting Booth

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Aircraft inflatable maintenance shelters and workshops for the aviation industry


Queensland Government Air (QGAir) delivers life-saving, community safety and state supported aviation services to the people and government of Queensland. They keep their operating and servicing of their helicopters manageable by utilizing space at the airbase that is not wasteful or underutilized. Part of their helicopter maintenance programs require the abrasive blasting of aircraft shell and parts.

The Challenge

In order to maintain their cost base and keep space utilizing as efficient as possible they couldn’t support having a blast room that would be underutilized when not in operation. In order to stay cost effective they needed to undertake the blasting operations in house. To do that they needed to encapsulate the blast area to avoid contaminating the whole workshop with dust. The blast shelter had to operate quietly with blasting work occurring in the shelter which was inside the hangar

Of necessity all used blast media had to be collected and either recycled of disposed of safely.

The solution

Giant Inflatables Industrial developed in a collaborative design process a fully feature operational blasting shelter which could be set up inside the workshop, used then removed after the operation.

What the team designed is easy to set up creating a temporary shelter in a matter of minutes. This innovative yet simple solution would end up saving days of downtime and thousands of dollars. It solved the problem of creating a safe temporary blast space within a fully functioning aircraft workshop. The shelter can be quickly deflated and packed up onto a single pallet for storage.

To solve problem of dust and contaminates escaping from inflatable blasting shelter, the Inflatable is a fully sealed, encapsulating, environment that contains an air filtration system to ensure that the blast material and dust are captured in a reusable dust bag for recycling. This ensured the hangar remained clean and all the blasting particles were captured within the dust bag filtration system to be recycled.

With the shelter being contained within a confined space it was imperative to have noise attenuation to keep with workplace within OH&S requirements.  High powered blasting apparatus is extremely noisy. Giant Inflatables Industrial incorporated an internal skin to attenuate blasting noise and located the compressor and inflation fans external to the hanger.


By overcoming the challenge of putting a temporary blast shelter within an operating workspace, Giant Inflatables Industrial provided Queensland Government Air rescue services with exactly what they needed.  This saved time, expense, labor and ultimately a high return on the investment. By providing an inflatable temporary encapsulating blast shelter not only did that solve all their challenges, save significant costs but also addressed many OHS issues that a conventional ridged blast shelter would have exhibited.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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