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Giant Industrial Inflatables Cubic Defense Workshop

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Inflatable workshops and inflatable briefing rooms that are role specific independent of weather conditions.

Cubic Defence is a world leading provider of military training simulation systems and services.  Cubic Defence provides training solutions to the ADF which enables training proficiency. Their operations staff approached Giant Inflatables Industrial to manufacture an Inflatable portable “fitting workshop” and personnel briefing and staging area. These Inflatable, quick deployable shelters would enabling them to conduct their fitment and training anywhere any time without any weather related downtime. 

The Challenge

When undertaking our investigations into the specifications of the Cubic needs, we discovered that the use of the Inflatable, temporary Shelter was to enable vehicles including the jet powered Abrams Tank to be driven into the shelter for fitment and then have the tank drive straight out the opposite end. This would require high temperature inflatable frame protection against the gas turbine jet engine of the M1 Abrams Tank. 

In addition, the height of the entrance and exit to the shelter would need a minimum of a 4.3m clearance to ensure the tank could fit through the entrance and exit.

An important specification for the shelter related to noise attenuation. Inside the second Shelter, Cubic would conduct and video record briefing presentations which required low ambient noise.  

The Solution

The solution based on a tried and tested geometry was an inflatable frame shelter with a 12m x 12m footprint. It was a robust and cost-effective solution to Industrial or Military standards. It offered them a fully operational environment anywhere they deployed no matter what the terrain or the weather conditions were.

The units can withstand winds of up to 80km/hr and allowed Cubic to conduct its training operations, fitting and calibrating equipment 24/7 no matter the weather. The Inflatable Shelter provided a controlled environment to test, fit and film activities. 

To facilitate the requirement of low external sound levels, silencers were fitted to the inflation devices to reduce the fan sound output to levels that did not interfere with the recordings.

The tried and tested design packs away into a compact pallet sized bag that can fit in the back of a ute and set up and inflate in 7 minutes. The pack down and transportation of the shelter is just as seamless and fast.

To comply with the specification that the shelter be able to withstand the heat from a gas turbine jet engine powering the tank, we included heat blast resistant screens made with Aerogel materials to protect against the heat from the jet exhaust.

The height and size of the Shelter allowed natural light to enter the shelter through the clear “windows”.

As is standard, our client’s logo appears on their inflatable shelters to ensure brand recognition.

The Results

Giant Inflatables Industrial provided Cubic Defence with the perfect cost-effective solution with the added benefit of convenience of set-up, pack up and transportability.

No matter the brief, or required specification we aim to replace the conventional with the extraordinary. Taking what industries have conventional used for years as the starting point of the conversation our teams will reengineer it into a modern inflatable product that is cost effective,  portable and more efficient than the conventional systems. Giant Inflatables Industrial is regarded as the industry leaders in inflatable portable and temporary inflatable structure systems. The significant cost and time saved by our inflatable temporary structures and systems highlight their role as the future for the industry.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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