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Giant Industrial Inflatables Custom Blasting Booths

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Temporary blasting enclosures and booths for abrasive blasting services

With over 20 years of industry experience Giant Inflatables Industrial has developed a diverse range of Inflatable Blasting Shelters and Enclosures to cater for the blasting media containment of all modern day abrasive blasting operations.

Tailor made to suit the needs of every individual client our blast shelters and blasting enclosures have been proven to reduce cost, increase productivity and maximize efficiency. All our systems offer options of dust extraction and collection and lighting and ventilation systems.

The Bespoke Blasting Shelters and Enclosures we produce are collaboratively designed with your team to meet even the most specific needs. In order to understand how we do this please read our case studies

Siemens – see case study
Origin – see case study
Qld Air - see case study

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To learn more about our state of the art, Custom made Blasting Booths and the other products in our range, contact our expert team today. Speak to one of our industry professionals today by calling us on 03 95882626. Alternatively, send us an enquiry at Our team will be able to help with any further information or specialized quotations.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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