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Airdeck is an innovative personnel fall arrest cushion system.

Aideck protects operatives working at first-floor joist level from injury caused by a fall. The Fall Protection Deck is a network of inflatable airbags which absorb impact forces and result in a soft and injury free landing. It is compact for storage and very effective and versatile when inflated as a modular joinable system.

Airdeck Soft Landing Systems are made of an inflatable inner bladder and a durable outer protective layer of woven polypropylene. Airdeck can be confidently deployed on site without fear of accidental punctures.

As the Airdeck fall arrest system grows in popularity it has found use beyond constructions and can be found throughout the industrial sector, protecting workers in all trades and disciplines from falls from height. Tested by an external entity for compliance with the latest safety recommendations of PAS 59 - 2014, Airdeck can be used with confidence as a portable safety barrier for workers in high places.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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