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Giant Industrial Inflatables Personnel Fall Arrest Systems

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Inflatable Fall Arrest Systems
Fall arrest systems prevent injury or death to personnel falling from height. They are a cushion between the falling person and the ground. There are 3 types of systems that prevent a fall from heights.

Fall Arrest Systems
A Fall Arrest system prevents personnel that fall from height from hitting the ground. The fall arrest systems Giant Inflatables Industrial supplies are all soft-landing platforms that cushion a fall.

Fall prevention systems.
Fall prevention systems are passive systems that prevent falling. These include guard rails and inflatable walls.

Fall restraint systems.
Fall restraint systems are attached to a person and fixed to infrastructure to connect personnel to the infrastructure using a lanyard.

Fall arrest systems are the final line of defense for operatives working at heights. All our Fall Arrest Systems are powered by air to break the force of a person falling. Bespoke or off the shelf inflatable fall arrest systems prevent injury by cushioning the fall of personnel, resulting in a soft and injury free landing.

Personnel fall arrest systems can be custom built to suit your needs and environment or sold as catalogue products that can be seen on many job sites across the globe.

Please call us for a free consultation on your need. Call 1300inflate -13004635283 or mail us from the inquiry form.

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Your information is safe with us. We do not sell or rent emails.
Giant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable CompanyGiant Inflatables Industrial -  Australia's No.1 Industrial Inflatable Company

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